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I find there's something special about the written word, and there's actually scientific evidence proving that reading is very, very good for you as well.  Reading helps keep the mind sharp, improving focus and concentration, as well as exciting the imagination; all good stuff!  And in the same way that writing things down makes it more 'real' and cements it into your reality, reading aloud has the same effect.

In our 'modern' technological age, yes, the abundant availability of higher frequency (or channeled) information via video and podcast is easily accessible, though how much do we actually remember once the recording has finished?

Wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to read through the information, ponder its meaning and highlight pertinent parts?  As well as sharing snippets with others without having to experience the joy (!) that is cutting audio files or splicing up videos?  Well, now you can, with this unique channeling transcription service.

Do you love the wisdom shared by Darryl Anka (Bashar), Denise Laberge (Adama), Jill Mara (Simion), or Wendy Kennedy and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective?  Or perhaps you prefer Lee Carrol (Kryon), Cullen Baird Smith and Rebecca Smith Orleane (who channel Laarkmaa) or Rob Gauthier (who channels TReb Bor yit-NE, Aridif and many others)?  I am also open, excited and happy to transcribe recordings of your hypnotherapy and past life regression sessions.

Thanks for your attention.

Much love,

Laura ♥


Unleash Your Full Potential with Brain Stimulating CDs or MP3s


  • Quality transcription of personal or public channelings from audio or video recording.
  • Personalized service, e.g choice of font size, time stamps etc.
  • Unique exchange options available.
  • Confidential, friendly and reliable service.



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  • Please remember I live in the UK so responses may not be immediate.

"We see how serious you all take your lives, yourselves, your world, and your spiritual journey. If you are to awaken to anything, awaken to the playground that is all around you."

The Unicorn Collective (through Daniel Scranton)

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